Keyboard, organ, piano Lessons at home in the area of Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds Mildenhall, Ely. I drive to you.
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And many more places in our local area.


I've been working in the area of music since leaving school.

I learned to play the piano and then the organ as a child and used this to great advantage on stage for many years, playing for the Hammond organ company and ARP among others. I was taught to use synthesisers by Dr Robert Moog (Credited as being the father of the music synthesiser).

Later on I played the 50,000 Yamaha GX1 music synthesiser on some of its world tour before Keith Emerson used it for the famous E.L.P recording of "Fanfare For the Common Man".

These days aside from teaching, I have my own small recording studio and also run a band "Crisium" which includes some fabulous professional musicians.

I've been teaching in our local area for about 35 years. I'm CRB checked and I teach in several local schools.

I'm happy teaching people of all ages and find it very rewarding, keeping up to date with music so that I can offer people the chance to play One Direction or Coldplay etc. as easily as any other style.


I love music and I want others to love it as well, so I give them the space to enjoy it while they learn to make their music into a rewarding hobby.

Anyone can master a keyboard instrument with a little patience and practice and it's great fun for kids too. The same is also true for adults and many find it very rewarding to learn.

I don't set a strict agenda or a time limit for people, there is nothing worse than being forced to play and then move on - ready or not. However, I will happily work more intensely with people who want to achieve a particular standard eg. for public performance or for more serious study.

I also teach Music Technology and recording techniques. Ask me about your particular requirements.

Below is the first in a series of short films which I am currently creating for publication to help with reading music.

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