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Many musicians of all ages are now looking towards the exiting possibilities which digital technology can bring to music.

Whether you are a keyboard player, singer, guitarist or classical musician, you will benefit from learning more about sound and how to record yourself properly.

If you learn how to plan and produce your own good quality recordings, people will notice. Friends and family will think you sound better and the people you are trying to impress (downloaders, examiners, record companies etc.) will appreciate the quality.

Audio recording with a home computer is easily affordable these days. All you need is a PC or Mac with reasonably up to date features, an input channel/mixer and interface (often combined), some software and the means to connect it all.


People often use home recording, MIDI scoring and other areas of technology to enhance or expand their work. I usually keep the tuition to your particular needs and areas of interest so that you get the best from them.

School music-tech students may find that some extra help would be very welcome.

Many musicians play on acoustic instruments and find the idea of using electronic equipment with music rather alien to them, however, the focus in recording acoustic instruments is much more on capturing a performance than the technology.

Above. Setting up to record my band, Crisium, and also run the complete show before an audience in a London theatre.

Below. An early practice video of Crisium. I'm actually playing rather than recording but it gives an idea of the sound which is possible from a live band in a hall.

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

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