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Piano lessons


With a little patience and practice you can learn to play a piano no matter what age you are and to be able to play is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things you can do. Learning at home is much more comfortable than at a shop, teaching studio or music school because you will learn on your own instrument. Even if you are a complete beginner there is nothing to worry about whatever age you are.

Online learning during lockdown is the only option at the moment and it works very well.

Tap or click on the pic to email me about keyboard lessons at

Above: Demonstrating to the camera in my usual expressive way during an online lesson
(#Lockdown hair).


Young children benefit from learning for fun for a while before considering taking exams and many adults are keen to learn just so that they can play the music they like at home or they want to try to gain some confidence before going further.

I am very happy to teach piano to anyone who wants to learn, and I place emphasis on the enjoyment of playing with style and satisfaction. If you are looking for someone to focus you only towards exams then I would be happy to recommend a suitable teacher.

Strung or electric?.

Electric pianos have been generally superb for years now but don't buy a cheap one from an unknown manufacturer, You will not be happy playing it.

I use an electric instrument for both teaching and recording. The detail in the sound is so realistic that I can hear little noises a strung piano would make while I play.

Some people still hold on to the idea that an electric piano must be terrible simply because it's electric. This is not true. Many good electric pianos have their sounds sampled from high end grand pianos such as Yamaha, Steinway, Bosendorfer and Fazioli.

If you have a good strung piano there is still a great level of detail unobtainable on an electric model. Also the pedal controls are more natural in feel, and a strung piano responds as a real musical instrument with subtle changes in sound every day. Electric pianos produce a fixed perfection.

Skype picture

For online lessons you will need a tablet, laptop or phone with Skype installed.

Skype is a video chat program like Zoom or Teams but I find it best for one-to-one lessons. Set your device so I can see your keyboard and also yourself, then it's easy to communicate.

To find me on Skype, search for "" and then look for my Skype image (above).

Get Skype

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