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I was taught synthesiser techniques at first by Dr Robert Moog on a series 3P modular and then studied all I could from documentation available.

Before long I found that I had a natual ability to create extremely realistic sounds even on old analogue modular synths and as the digital age crept upon the synth market I was quickly able to adapt and keep up with the latest ideas.

I have used and programmed hundreds of synths over the years from DX7s and other commercially available instruments to huge modulars and strange digital oddities.

I've been working in the area of music for years and was one of the first people in the country to use and demonstrate synthesisers.


I can offer help according to your particular needs. You may have a synthesiser which you don't know how to program and some of the sounds would be fine if you could just tweak them a bit.

Or you may want to know your synthesiser in enough detail to be able to program it by yourself with confidence.

I can also teach patching techniques for analogue synthesisers or offer a general overview of synthesis methods and how they work.

This could be coupled with using a computer for recording, learning to read music or a mix any of the above.

Above. My beloved Korg M3 which is a joy to program and play.

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